What Are The Most Common Symptoms of Allergies?

Symptoms of Allergies

While allergies are among the most common types of allergies, there are other kinds of allergies that affect millions of people. The symptoms for these allergies include a runny nose, coughing, sinus congestion, wheezing, and shortness of breath, rashes, itchy eyes and skin.

A few of these allergies are seasonal and could be the result of pollen, grass, weeds, or molds; other kinds of allergies may be caused by cat, dog or pet dander, whilst food allergies could result from milk or milk products and some nuts.

Testing for allergies is essential to find out the triggers as well as the plan of treatment that is best for the patient and a blood allergy test is one method to detect and assess the number of antibodies in the blood.

How can you know if you are displaying wheat allergies? You would have the Ability to observe these manifestations right after you have consumed something that is made from wheat or something comprising wheat derivatives:

• Irritation and swelling observed from the mouth area. Your lips and tongue may swell since they came in contact with wheat. This may make it hard for you to breathe or speak.

• Rashes can be observed. For some people, these rashes might be quite itchy. It is highly advisable that you just scrape them to prevent breaking your skin leading to infection and scarring.

Nasal congestion is a very common symptom of allergies. This can happen immediately after the consumption of a product that contains wheat.

• Diarrhea may be experienced as the allergies involve the digestive system. Your body would attempt to get rid of the offending object as quickly as you can, or it may not have the ability to digest it correctly, thus resulting in diarrhea.

• Anaphylaxis. Out of all of the signs of allergies, this would be the most fatal. During anaphylaxis, you would experience severe difficulty in breathing. You would also feel chest pains, tightness in your neck region, and quite a rapid heartbeat.


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