Selecting A Safe Password Manager

Safe Password Manager

When choosing a password manager, function primary needs to be how secure it’s in almost any other case you’d place your IT processes and business in danger.

This checklist ought to be considered as part of your acceptance criteria when choosing a brand new password manager. If you want to know about enterprise password manager then you can search various online sources.

This attribute is an obvious one, but it is worth considering. As computers develop into additional highly powerful, brute pressure dictionary attacks are taking less and less time.

To mitigate this threat, all sensitive data within your password manager database ought to be encrypted, together with the entry tables. Strong company commonplace encryption like 256bit AES encryption has to be used.

The Database Should Be Protected

In case you intend to make use of your password manager for numerous clients, then its crucial accessibility to passwords cannot be given by modifying data immediately inside the database.

The Utility Code Ought to Be Secure

There’s no level in safeguarding the rear end database if someone can write their own code to retrieve and decrypt the passwords.

Passwords Ought to Be Protected From Prying Eyes

So we have the backend database and the application tiers protected, but what about passwords which are visible on the screen.

No Two Passwords Should Appear The Similar

To further protect passwords throughout the machine, two equal passwords should not look exactly the same when viewing the uncooked encrypted information inside the database.


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